Google Translate is one of the few services that can translate a number of languages with great accuracy, thus helping you understand the languages that you don’t understand. However, it cannot offer real-time translation like Google Assistant, but the good news is it might soon be able to do so in the coming days.

Image: XDA

Google is currently testing a new feature called Continuous Translation for the Google Assistant app(via XDA). The name is self-explanatory. The feature will provide you an uninterrupted real-time translation. In order to take advantage of this new feature, you’ll need to tap on the ‘Listen’ icon, which appears right next to the Camera and Conversation icons in the app. Once you tap on the Listen icon, the app will redirect you to a new window with a large microphone button at the bottom.

Image: XDA

You’ll then need to select your language and the language the needs to get translated. Now, you’re all set! You can now speak while holding the microphone button and the app will translate everything that you speak to the target language. You’ll also be able to change the translated text size, change the theme, and a toggle to show the original text.

The feature is currently in the testing phase, meaning that you’ll have to wait a while to use the feature.

The feature was first spotted by reverse engineer Jane Manchun Wong.