Google Translate calls flat-earthers mad

May 29, 2018

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Google’s Translate service has been caught throwing shade at flat-earthers this week with an incorrect translation that turns out to be more right than it is wrong.

A Redditor shared the initial post on r/funny where the user typed in “I am a flat earther,” intending to get the French translation but getting hit with “Je suis un fou”. For the non-French speakers, that translates to “I am a crazy person.”

For the blissfully uninformed, Flat Earthers are people who wrongfully believe- despite all evidence to the contrary – that the earth is flat.  Yes, they still exist in 2018.

Google’s little prank here calls to mind the image of some flat-earther revealing to some bewildered Frenchperson somewhere that “oui, je suis un fou, vraiment”. It’s so wrong, yet so right at the same time.  Running it through Microsoft’s Bing Translate gives us “I am a flat earthling” which is decidedly not as fun.

Other translations from different languages include: “I’m a flat ear”, “I’m a straight robber.”, “I’m an apartment further,” “I am open ground”, “I am unique on the floor,” “I am a real house,” and “I am a dish.”

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