In what is likely a long overdue move, Google is to face a GDPR investigation from the Irish Data Protection Commissioner.

The investigation was prompted by a complaint by the Brave browser and will look at how Google manages personal data in its Ad Tracking system. Brave argues to Google violates GDPR stipulations during the process by revealing personal data to 3rd party companies.

“Every time a person visits a website and is shown a ‘behavioural’ ad on a website, intimate personal data that describes each visitor, and what they are watching online, is broadcast to tens or hundreds of companies,” chief policy officer Johnny Ryan explained in a post. “A data breach occurs because this broadcast, known as an ‘bid request’ in the online industry, fails to protect these intimate data against unauthorized access.”

Google is headquartered in Ireland in Europe, and a fine could constitute up to 4% of its global revenue, or around $5.4 billion. This is however unlikely, as regulators usually act at least initially in an advisory role and give companies the opportunity to correct their processes and only become punitive after repeat violations.

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Via The Verge