Google Stadia State Share allows you to send playable scenarios to friends


19, 2021

Google has revealed a new feature for their Stadia streaming service: State Share. 

With State Share, Google Stadia subscribers will be able to send playable sections of a video game to their friends, turning the standard sharing experience into an interactive function.

When capturing this content, players will grab a saved state inside their game that’s “defined by specific gameplay elements like player loadout, objectives, and difficulty” for their friends to try.

“Every game that supports State Share will feature game states with different gameplay elements included, such as the player’s current items, difficulty level, objectives, and more,” explained Google Stadia Product Manager Catherine Hsiao. “So it’s really as easy as saving a capture on Stadia and sharing the link with friends, viewers, or followers so they can click to launch the game and play for themselves.”

Google Stadia State Share

Currently, this feature is only active within IO Interactive’s Hitman games, including the new Hitman 3. In these games, players will be able to create a state within any mission that will save the mission starting location, objectives, loadout and difficulty and send that information over to a friend.

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