Google snuffs out its Windows 10 dual boot, Project Campfire

Last year, it was leaked that Google was doing work on something called Project Campfire. Project Campfire would enable Chromebooks to dual boot Windows 10 and Chrome OS.

For Google’s Chromebooks, this would open them up to more uses by way of providing access to the full Windows app suite without losing access to Chrome OS’s security and speed benefits.

The feature has now been deprecated as per comments on Chromium OS.

Google’s Project Campfire would have been an amazing feature for those who wanted to use Chromebooks as dual boot machines, but redundant. For developers, Chrome OS ships with Linux, for consumers, the Play Store. The overhead and requirements of the Camptifesystems appear to have been too much for the firm in the end.

According to About Chromebooks, the deprecation wasn’t sudden. While there was a rash of changes between ‘September and December of last year’, since the new year the momentum on this has been little to none.
Google is a company that shuts down promising projects if they aren’t going anywhere, and Campfire appears to be no exception.

Source: About Chromebooks