Google accidentally shipped ten Pixel 4s to a customer who ordered one device


9, 2020

Google has a long history of messing up shipments but usually, it’s the customers who are at a disadvantage. However, in a surprising turn of events, Google sent a customer 10 Pixel 4 units when he just ordered one device.

A Redditor u/timias55 posted on Google Pixel subreddit his latest experience with Google. He said that FedEx accidentally delivered him a case of Google Pixel 4 units when he ordered just one device. While some might decide to keep the extra 9 devices, he reached out to Google Support who were equally shocked to hear his experience. Unfortunately, didn’t have a great experience even though he was the one trying to return 9 new Pixel phones. He had to wait on 3 occasions and Google first sent him tracking label for just 8 phones which forced him to call Google Support back and get the separate label for the ninth phone.

The US law allows customers to keep extra products if they received them by mistake so he was not obligated to send them back to Google and Google didn’t make it easy for him to send the devices back to the company. In the end, Google sorted everything out but the company could have handled the situation better or at least reward the customer for their honesty.

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