Google and Samsonite announce two new smart backpacks

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Jacquard by Google is an ambient computing platform that can bring smart features to everyday objects. Last year, Google and Levis announced smart jackets powered by Jacquard platform. Today, Google and Samsonite announced new backpacks with Jacquard technology. The new Konnect-I Backpack comes in two styles: Slim ($199) and Standard ($219). Even though they look like regular backpacks, the left strap in them comes with several capabilities. Read about them below.

  • Using your Jacquard app, you can customize what gestures control which actions.
  • You can program Jacquard to deliver call and text notifications, trigger a selfie, control your music or prompt Google Assistant to share the latest news.
  • For an added level of interaction, the LED light on your left strap will light up according to the alerts you’ve set.

Source: Google