Google rolls out Chrome OS 77 with expanded Google Assistant availability


25, 2019

Google has announced the release of Chrome OS 77 to Chromebooks this week. The focus of this update is on the Google Assistant, Google’s Siri competitor (technically Cortana ‘s as well if you count her — but no one does.)

The firm is rolling out the Assistant to ” to more non-managed, consumer devices.” Previously, it was limited to Google’s own Pixel laptops and a small group of OEM devices. Users of the Assistant can use their voice or keyboard to quickly open a new document, play music to their smart speakers, and set reminders.

Google Assistant does work pretty well on Chromebooks for the things Google calls out. However, it doesn’t quote yet integrate fully with Android apps as it does on Android proper.

Hopefully, Google will work on this in future updates, especially with the growing integration and support of Linux apps in the Chrome OS ecosystem. Chrome OS 77 is rolling out to Chromebooks over the next two weeks.

Source: Google

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