Google reportedly developing a HoloLens competitor

The Mixed Reality space is currently heating up with devices from Magic Leap and more entering the market, and now it seems Google is also looking to make their own stand-alone AR headset.

The news, reported by claims the device is being developed in partnership with Qualcomm and ODM Quanta, and will be able to overlay virtual content on the real world, using special optics and sensors, and will features cameras, microphones and voice control.

Code-named Google A65, it is expected to feature several hours of battery life, thanks to the miserly Qualcomm QSC603  processor, mainly used for IoT applications, but may be paired with a chip code-named SXR1.

The headset is still reportedly in the early hardware development stage, meaning it will likely be a while before it hits the market.

Google of course famously failed to sell the Google Glass headset, and Microsoft only sold 50,000 HoloLens headsets in 2 years, so it remains unclear if there is an actual market for these headsets, however.