Google releases Photos as a Progressive Web App


4, 2018

Google has released a new version of Photos app which upgrades it as a Progressive Web App. The latest update allows Google to provide Photos App as a PWA and is now available for Chromebooks and Windows 10. This is not the first time Google has taken the PWA route as the company published the PWA version of Google Maps.

With the latest release of Google Photos, Google is aiming at creating an ecosystem of PWAs which can be used everywhere without any issues. You can currently install Google Photos PWA on your Chromebook or on Google Chrome if you’re using Windows 10. Google has enabled the support for PWAs starting Chrome 67 but if you still can’t use it then make sure Chrome is updated and PWA installation is enabled.

However, we are unlikely to see PWAs by Google in Microsoft Store which means if you want to use them on Windows 10, you will have to use Google Chrome. Google has, however, released apps on Windows platform in the past but we don’t see that happening with PWAs just yet. Although, we do hope that Google considers releasing PWAs for Windows 10 users.

Source: Twitter; Via: Windowsarea

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