Latest Google Photos test allows ‘more powerful search’

May 3, 2023

Google is now testing a more complex search capability on Google Photos, allowing users to use multiple words when searching for specific images in the storage service. It is now available in the web version of Google Photos, but the test is still limited. To those lucky enough to be included in the experiment, a blue prompt that reads “Try a more powerful search” will appear. (via 9To5Google)

Searching for some photos in your storage can be a handful, especially if you have tons in your collection. Unlike other conventional gallery applications, Google has a solution for this by giving Google Photos the ability to recognize details in pictures and through the use of tags. This makes searching for images in Google Photos easier, though you might still have to do extra work when looking for specific photos.

Google wants to end this by giving Google Photos a boost in its search capability. According to a Google spokesperson, the new experiment “allows people to search for more complex queries to help them find the photos and videos they’re looking for more easily.”

In the test, some users can start using a combination of words (especially a qualifier or an adjective). For instance, “colorful sunset” and “peaceful garden.” This also applies to tagged photos, which means you can look for pictures of individuals in specific scenarios (e.g., Sharron at the beach). However, as noted by 9To5Google, the test is still far from perfect, as it won’t always give you results.

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