Google Photos finally allows you to manually tag faces in photos


28, 2019

Google Photos already has an excellent automatic face tagging mechanism. But many users wanted a manual option that would allow them to manually tag photos when needed. Google is finally responding to user feedback with a manual face tagging option in Google Photos app.

First of all, even with this new option, you can’t point at any area in an image and add a tag to it. The new manual face tagging still relies on Google’s algorithm. Once Google Photos detects face in the photos, you can now edit, name, or add a new tag.

Here’s how you can access this new feature:

  • Open a photo which has people in it. Swipe up to open the options menu and check the People section. If Google has already detected the face, it will display a thumbnail of the person. If you want to edit it, just tap the edit icon on the right. You can also add a new tag for faces that are not tagged for Google.

If you are running Google Photos v4.32.1 app, you will see this new feature. If not available, please wait for few days, it will show up automatically.

via: AndroidPolice

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