Google Phone app beta recently added a handy feature that will let users jump easily onto Google Du0. The company has added a new Google Duo button, tapping on it will bring you the Duo app’s main screen(via 9to5Google). The button can be found right above the dialer button in the Google Phone app.

Image: 9to5Google

The Google Duo button in the contacts view of the Phone app beta has already been available for Pixel users and the feature is now rolling out for the non-Pixel smartphones.

Google Duo is already well-integrated into the Google Phone app. The phone app currently allows you to swap from a voice call to Google Duo video call — it’s as easy and as simple as tapping on a button. And for the sake of comparison, the ability to swap from a voice call to a Duo call is way more useful than having a Google Duo button in the contacts view.

This feature seems more like an attempt to make people notice Google Duo and eventually use it. How many of our readers actually use Google Duo for video calling? Let us know in the comments below.