Google is working on integrating another feature into Google Search. They note that people frequently come to Google Search looking to find information on the status of their packages.

To make it easier to find, Google has created a new package tracking feature that enables shipping companies to show people the status of their packages right on Search.

Here’s an example of how this information may appear:

google package tracking

Google Package Tracking is currently in the Early Adopters Program for package tracking companies, meaning shipping companies can sign-up to participate in this feature and give feedback on how to improve it.

The program is available in all countries. To take part in the program, a carrier will need to provide a RESTful JSON or XML API that returns the package tracking information. Google can work with companies to reuse an existing API or setup a new one.

Companies interested in providing  Google package tracking information to customers can review the full eligibility requirements and fill out the interest form. Read more at Google here.