Google might be under an antitrust investigation regarding their new internet encryption protocol

by Anmol
September 30, 2019
Google antitrust

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Google can’t catch a break. The company has been under investigation by various district attorneys and was recently asked by the House judiciary committee to turn over internal documents. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports that Google may be under an antitrust investigation regarding their new internet encryption protocol.

The new DNS-over-HTTPS standard is supposed to improve internet privacy and searches by encrypting the traffic data, preventing hackers from spoofing websites. Google is planning to test the new standard on Chrome from the next month. The House judiciary committee is worried that giving Google access to all the DNS related data won’t be the right move. Not only that, but it would also give Google an unfair advantage over the competition.

Google has no plans to centralize or change people’s DNS providers to Google by default. Any claim that we are trying to become the centralized encrypted DNS provider is inaccurate.

– Google’s spokesperson

The latest antitrust investigation is just another addition to a long list of legal cases against the tech giants. It’s great that the US government is taking it upon themselves to make sure tech companies are kept in check. With that being said, the government still needs to make sure they make a severe dent to the companies that engage in malpractice. At this moment, the penalty is not enough to force tech companies to follow the rules and guidelines set by the government.

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