It is expected that over the next year or two Under-Display Cameras (UDC) will become the norm, but concern remains over compromised photo quality due to the overlying screen with active pixels.

Google has applied for a patent to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in September 2020 for a unique solution to the problem which should mean pictures would remain perfect,  while still having a full-bleed, continuous display.


Their solution uses a secondary display and a movable prism (much likes those used for periscope cameras) to either reflect the secondary display to the main display to fill in the gap, or to guide the light from the outside to the front-facing camera.

The secondary display could also house sensors such as a proximity sensor or IR sensor.

It seems unlikely that such a device will be released this year, but with the competition increasingly offering under-display cameras, it may not be long before Google brings this technology to market.

via LetsGoDigital