Google may be bringing phone screen mirroring to Chrome OS Phone Hub

by Surur
February 10, 2021
chromeos screen mirroring

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A new flag in Chrome OS suggests Google is planning to beef up the Phone Hub in Chrome OS.

The new flag, spotted by 9to5Google, #eche-swa, enables a System Web App (SWA) version of “Eche,” throw in Spanish.

The flag states that it “Implements the core logic of the EcheApp which is a SWA to transmitting video and bidirectional data over WebRTC.”

It is believed that the feature would be used to screen mirror video from your Android phone, similar to the screen mirroring in the Microsoft Your Phone app.

The Chrome OS Phone Hub, which is itself still in development, currently allows users to enable their phone’s hotspot, do not disturb mode, find your phone, sync chrome tabs and enables interactive notifications.

It is believed the feature will arrive for Pixel devices first, as the Javascript for the Eche app is included in a Google source code folder that appears to be specific to Pixel phones.

via XDA-Dev

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