Google Maps adds Incognito mode for Android users

Google Maps today announced that Incognito mode is now rolling out to Android users. When you enable Incognito mode in Google Maps, all the activities you do in Maps like the places you search, directions you searched for and others won’t be saved to your Google Account. When Incognito mode is enabled, Google Maps will not:

  • Save your browse or search history, or send you notifications
  • Update your Location History or shared location, if any
  • Use your personal data to personalize Maps

Following features won’t be available in Incognito mode:

  • Commute
  • For You
  • Location History
    • Tip: Location History will be paused for your entire device, not just Maps.
  • Location Sharing
  • Notifications and messages
  • Search history
  • Search completion suggestions
  • Google Maps Contributions
  • Google Assistant microphone in Navigation
  • Offline Maps
  • Your Places
  • Media integration

To enable Incognito mode, open the Google Maps app and tap your profile picture, you will find the “Turn on Incognito mode” feature.