The year 2019 has seen manufacturers trying to get foldable devices on the market. While Samsung and Huawei were the only ones who could get production units, we have seen renders and concepts from Oppo, Vivo and others.

Now it looks like Google also wants a piece of cake as the company has filed a patent for a foldable device (via Letsgodigital). The patent ‘foldable display device with multiple pages’ was filed back in 2018 and was published by the WIPO on 27th June 2019.

The patent describes a device with multiple pages, like a book. All the screens are held together by a book spine and would allow users to scroll through with ease. The patent shows 5 pages but the number can vary. Users can also continue from one page to another just like a traditional book.

Google doesn’t usually design displays so this is a nice change of pace and the design sure is innovative and is one that hasn’t been seen in the past. Having multiple e-ink pages does however somewhat miss the point of having electronically updatable pages.

It will be interesting to see if this patent actually converts into a device in the future.