Google is working on per-website auto-darkening for Chrome for Android


26, 2021

Google Chrome for Android lets you automatically darken websites but the setting is system-wide for all websites you browse.

This may not be ideal however, and Google is working on a way to make this setting per-website instead.

In Chrome Canary for Android there is a new section in the Site settings to enable or disable ‘Auto-darken web content’:

The setting is associated with a new menu to Enable to Disable Auto-dark for the site.

Users can add specific sites and then choose whether to block or allow auto-darkening on those websites.

To enable the feature you need to enable “Darken websites” check box in Chrome://flags.

The feature is currently in development and not all the elements work yet.

Hopefully, Google will also bring it to the desktop in the future.

via Leo Varela.

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