Google is rolling out SMS Relay for your Windows desktop

Microsoft has long since made several ways for users to integrate their PCs with their Smartphone’s SMS app. Now users can use Cortana, or Skype relay, or even third-party tools to message through their phones.

Now, Google is throwing its hat into the ring. With the new Android Messages for Web app, you’ll be able to sync your smartphone to any laptop with a browser and send and receive messages as long as both the phone and laptop have a wifi or data collection.

This feature is rolling with Android Messages 3.0.43, not all users will get it automatically with reports indicating that it’s being serverside enabled. Google will likely announce and turn it on for everyone this week, with the arrival of the web-page being a big hint as to when we can expect it.

While this is a web-app and not a desktop app (like many of Google’s app), that fact makes it easier for third-party developers to create their own Android Messages experiences with electron based apps and even UWP web wrappers which we can expect to start to pop up here and there over the coming months.

For now, Android Messages for Web can be found here.

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