Google is rolling out an update to fix new security vulnerability on Chrome

September 6, 2022

Have you already relaunched your Chrome on your Windows, Mac, and Linux for an update? Well, you should do it now as Google has a new update for the browser to resolve the serious zero-day vulnerability CVE-2022-3075 being exploited by hackers now.

The company addressed the problem after being informed about it on August 30 by an anonymous individual. The latest update will bring Chrome’s version to 105.0.5195.102 for Windows, Mac, and Linux and will resolve the sixth zero-day vulnerability of the browser in 2022. The first five include CVE-2022-0609, CVE-2022-1096, CVE-2022-1364, CVE-2022-2294, and CVE-2022-2856.

Currently, there’s still limited information about the bug, which concerns “insufficient data validation” in Mojo. Nonetheless, once the rollout is completed and all users are safe from attacks, Google will release additional statements about the bug details and links.

The update will take days to weeks to automatically roll out to every user, but you can do it manually by going to Chrome menu > Help > About Google Chrome.

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