Google is planning to add a Firefox feature to Chrome to help those with tab overload



With more and more services now being offered via the web, having hundreds of tabs open is becoming a feature of our daily computing lives.

Managing those tabs, however, becomes increasingly challenging as their number increases, especially on Chrome where at some point they become reduced to mere slivers without any labels or even icons.

Google has now confirmed that the company is planning to add scrollable tabs for easier navigation to the Chrome browser. The feature was first introduced by Mozilla which allowed users to have a strip with arrows so that the tabs can be scrolled instead of squeezing everything onto a single static tab layout. The tabs can also be scrolled using your mouse wheel.

Peter Casting who works on Google Chrome’s UI recently confirmed on Reddit that scrollable tabs are in works.

Scrollable tabstrip is in the works. In the meantime, try shift-clicking and ctrl-clicking to select multiple tabs at once, then drag out to separate Windows to group tabs by Window.

– Peter Casting

This long overdue feature will be handy for users who usually have multiple tabs open which usually hides the website name and makes it impossible to know which website is open in which tab. Moreover, Google should also set a minimum size for Tabs to prevent this from happening and allowing some part of the website to be visible on the tab.

Via: Techdows

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