Google goes head to head with Microsoft for heart of 3D creators

Last year, Microsoft announced, an online creative community where users can browse thousands of 3D models, get inspired and curate idea boards with their favorite content. Today, Google announced a similar online community named “Poly”. Just like Microsoft’s Remix3d, users can find a library of 3D content and users can remix the 3D object using Google’s VR apps like Tilt Brush and Blocks.

While Microsoft is focusing on 3D creation process on desktop PCs via Paint3D and other similar apps, Google is focusing on 3D creation process on VR and phone-based AR platforms. Google’s Poly currently supports the Wavefront OBJ file format alone while Microsoft’s Remix 3D supports FBX, STL, OBJ, PLY and 3MF formats.

The introduction of Google’s Poly is a good news for Microsoft and the Remix community because Poly allows anyone to download thousands of 3D objects in OBJ format. After downloading a 3D object from Poly, one can upload it on Remix 3D website and remix it using Paint3D app. One can also use the Mixed Reality Viewer app to place the uploaded object in real world virtually.

You can learn more about Google’s Poly here and Microsoft’s Remix 3D here.