Google finally drops support for the Pixel and Pixel XL

November 4, 2019

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Google’s original Pixel and Pixel Xl may have just reached their EOL. Google today released an update to its Pixel devices, packaging the November security update along with a few updates for general quality of life. While the Pixel 2, 3 and 4 families of devices all receive updates, notably absent was the OG Google Pixel.

Google promises only three years of guaranteed security updates and 2 years of software updates for its Pixels, and this seems about right. A possible source of confusion was Google’s decision to extend Android 10 support to the OG Pixel. It seems that users were hoping it would extend that same magnanimity to the security updates guarantee as well, but that was not to be.

Users of the Pixel and Pixel XL would have gotten the three years of promised support out of it, however, and Google’s update to Android 10 was a nice touch regardless.On the other hand, while Google’s 3 years of guaranteed updates are a standout in the Android world, the iPhone offers up to 5 years of updates for older devices. If Google wants to be see as the iPhone of Android, then aiming to come close to that seems like a reasonable expectation.

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