Google extends Gmail Exchange Activesync cut-off date to December

Google was meant to stop supporting new connections to Gmail using Exchange Activesync today, but it appears new Windows Phone users will be able to continue enjoying true push email and contact and calendar sync using the efficient protocol, as Microsoft has negotiated an extension of the date.

A Microsoft spokesman told the Verge:

“We’ve reached an agreement with Google to extend support for new Windows Phone connections to the Google Sync service through December 31, 2013."

Existing Windows Phone users with connections already set up to Gmail would not have been affected, though the issue would crop up when moving to new devices, as Microsoft has removed the option to set up Exchange Activesync with Gmail.

The Windows Phone 8 GDR2 update was meant to be the solution to the issue by providing CardDav and CallDav support, with IMAP providing the email sync, but the update has only started rolling out to handsets in the last few weeks, though new devices have shipped with the update already in place.

The Gmail issue is part of an on-going enmity between Google and Microsoft, with Google refusing mostly to support Windows Phone with apps and services, and Microsoft making more money than Google from Android licensing. Despite the extension it seems unlikely the underlying issues will be resolved anytime soon.

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