Google drops AdMob support for Windows Phone 8

September 1, 2016


Google may be offering limited for universal Windows Apps, but its benevolence doesn’t extend to old style Windows Phone 8 apps .

According to a report from Platfo, Google is now deprecating support for AdMob for Windows Phone 8 devices, and will withdraw the SDK and all documentation from their online website.

While Windows Phone and AdMob have had some trouble in the past, Google pulling support for it entirely is somewhat unfortunate for developers. Although, given the low market share of Windows phones across the board, Google’s historical (lack of) support for the platform, and the dead-end nature of Windows phone 8 apps, the decision isn’t entirely out of the blue.

However, as Microsoft has moved to the universal Windows Platform, their support for developers (at least in this aspect) has grown somewhat with new advertising and monetization opportunities now available.

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