Google Drive now lets you take everything offline in Chrome



One of the largest flaws of using online cloud services is their reliance on the web. While the Office Suite can compete with Microsoft for normal uses, the requirement that users be online at all times limited is usefulness for people who had poor internet connections or needed to work in places with little to no internet access.

Now Google has added an Offline mode to its Google Drive service, allowing users to access their files in Chrome without needing to be online. This is an extension of a feature Google rolled out earlier in the year that let users do the same with Google Doc files.

Google says,  “This feature helps complete the offline experience for Google Drive. Now, users can access their important non-Google files in an offline setting, like when they’re travelling or when there’s poor internet connectivity.”

Its currently only part of a beta test and is not available yet for users on Chrome OS devices but we can imagine that’s a low priority since Google already offers similar native functionality built in.

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