Google Drive now has a PWA for Windows 10


23, 2020

Google has been busy lately as the company started focusing on PWAs and has developed a couple for its own services. Last year, Google released PWAs for Photos and YouTube Music, and now another app is joining the list.

Starting today, Google Drive users can install a PWA for the service that would enable easy access to all the files and documents. If you’re unfamiliar with how to install PWAs then we have a handy tutorial that you can check out. Essentially, PWA allows you to access websites faster as the framework is already saved and it takes advantage of other hardware features like Bluetooth and camera efficiently.

Google Drive PWA is no different from others. Once the app is installed, it will open in a new window and will allow you to access all your files. The app, unfortunately, isn’t complete as it opens Google Docs in a new tab on Chrome. The app is also available for Android and can be accessed by going to Drive and selecting “Add to Homescreen” via the hamburger menu.

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