While Microsoft’s Project xCloud is keen to start public testing in the future, Google’s cloud gaming competitor Project xCloud will not be partaking in a pre-launch beta test. Google will not have a Stadia beta test.

With the service’s promise of true cloud gaming, many would be worrisome about delving into the service’s rather pricey launch without being able to try it first. Since Stadia’s reliability is sure to differ wildly from person-to-person, many would like the chance to test the service before they buy in.

Revealed by Phil Harrison in an interview by Gamesradar, the service will not see a public test of any kind.

“Geographically, the US is the most complex place to test; just because of the size of the country,” Harrison said. “Europe – and particularly the UK – are much… relatively, they are relatively easier to launch. So we are not going to do another test in the UK or Europe. If we had time we probably would have done so, but we don’t need to.”

Stadia did see a relatively minor public test phase back as Project Stream, a beta test that allowed players to experience Assassin’s Creed Odyssey in their Chrome browser.

However, Harrison’s reveal that Google simply doesn’t have time for a full-on beta test is worrisome. With xCloud around the corner and a heap of wary consumers, is Google rushing itself to market in a “me first” situation?