Google Docs is getting additional Markdown support

March 30, 2022
Google Docs

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Google has announced that Google Docs is finally getting improved Markdown support to boost productivity and save you from learning umpteen keyboard shortcuts.

Markdown syntax, if you’re not already aware, allows you to create rich text documents and fancy formatting simply by using plain text, allowing you to keep your hands typing on the keyboard rather than stretching for shortcuts or your mouse. 

Previously, Google Docs had some support for Markdown autocorrections, however, it was decidedly limited, only supporting the creation of bullet-point lists and checkboxes through the use of the * and [] keys. 

Thankfully Google is already rolling out their expanded Markdown support, allowing you to create headlines, italicized and bold text, strikethroughs, and links. While this list is far from everything that’s possible with Markdown, it’s certainly better than the limited selection that we’ve had to use in the past. 

According to Google, this expanded markdown support is rolling out to Google Docs in the next fifteen days, starting on the 29th of March, so it shouldn’t be long until you can access this feature if you don’t have it already.

Once you have access to this feature, all you have to do is go to Tools, and then Preferences to see the toggle to “automatically detect markdown.”

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