Google Chrome will soon allow users to see and control extension activity

Google has been on a roll recently with new features for Chrome and it looks like they have got another one for the privacy-focused users. The company came into a lot of backlash recently for their privacy policies and how they handled the user data.

Google is now trying to create a more open ecosystem where the company is making sure to disclose as much information as possible to the users. In an attempt to do so, the company is working on a way for users to see and control the extension activity. What this means is, the users will be able to see what activities/resources an extension has used in the past or is using in real-time. The feature is currently available for Google Chrome Canary and can be activated by following the steps below:

  • Run chrome with the –enable-extension-activity-logging command line flag
  • Navigate to the activity log page for an extension via the details view or through chrome://extensions/?activity=<extension_id>
  • Click on the stream tab. Note that activity recording is on by default.
  • Observe activities coming in from the extension.

The feature is currently available for Canary build but should make its way to the public version soon.

Source: Chromium; Via: Techdows