Google Chrome start page will soon go dark, will also allow you to set wallpapers

by Rahul
March 31, 2019

World’s number one internet browser, Google Chrome is about to get a major design overhaul. Chrome developers recently introduced two major changes to the browser’s start page in the Chrome Canary 75. The changes include support for the dark theme in the start page and ability to set wallpapers therein.

Prior to this, once you install Chrome for the first time, on the start page, all you got was a boring instruction on various things ranging from adding bookmarks to a new tab page to signing into your Google account. This is what you get to see now on the latest public build of the browser, Chrome 73.

The introduction of dark mode and wallpapers in the start page, however, doesn’t mean that you’ll lose all those instructions. The instructions are important for users installing the browser¬†for the first time. What I think likely to happen is that besides the instructions you’ll also get to enable these two new features right on your start page.

If you are a Chrome user you’ll have to wait a bit to see the new features in action. But if patience is not your thing, you’ll have to¬†install Chrome Canary or the developer version as these new features are only available in the Chrome Canary 75.

Via: Techdows

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