Google Chrome will soon notify you if you set weak passwords

August 23, 2020
google chrome

Google Chrome recently got a new feature that would allow users to check if their credentials were leaked in a data breach. The company has now decided to take the feature a step further by letting users know when they have set a weak password.

First spotted by Techdows, the weak password feature works in conjunction with the check password option to let users know when their passwords have been leaked or if they are prone to attacks. The feature is currently available in Google Chrome Canary and you can enable it by going to Chome flags and searching for “Passwords weakness check”. Once the flag is enabled, users can go to chrome://settings/passwords and click on “check passwords” to check for both compromised passwords and weak passwords.

As mentioned, the feature is currently available for Google Chrome Canary users but we do expect Google to roll it out to everyone soon.

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