Google Chrome now restricts Gamepad API on non-HTTPS websites

July 28, 2020
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Earlier this month, we reported that Microsoft has been working bringing full Windows.Gaming.Input API support to Chromium on Windows 10 and Windows 10X. The news was followed by Google who added support for Windows.Gaming.Input API on Google Chrome 86.

Now, it looks like Google is planning to restrict access to the Gamepad API. According to a Google Chrome flag spotted by The Windows Club, Google is planning to restrict Gamepad API access on non-HTTPS websites. If an insecure website tries to access Gamepad API then Google will show an error in the developer console. You can test this new feature by enabling the “Restrict gamepad access” flag in Chrome 86.

Google is likely to allow users to bypass this restriction manually in the future. For now, it looks like the company has decided to allow only HTTPS websites to take advantage of the Windows.Gaming.Input API.

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