Google Chrome might copy Microsoft Edge Downloads UI

by Rahul
December 15, 2021
google chrome

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Google is currently working on some improvements to the Downloads UI in Chrome browser, according to a new patch in Chromium Gerrit. The new Downloads UI is likely to be very similar to that of the Microsoft Edge.

As spotted by Leopeva64-2, Google could replace the download bar — which appears at the bottom — with a new bubble and a new button on the toolbar. The new bubble in Google Chrome will likely show the files download status of files and the files that have recently been downloaded, much like how Microsoft Edge does.

The new patch in Chromium Gerrit also suggests that the toolbar button will be displayed when a download is in progress or when a download has been started in the past 24 hours. In Microsoft Edge, however, there is an option that lets you display the toolbar button all the time.

The new toolbar button in Google Chrome could also feature a progress bar. Microsoft Edge also has a similar feature, but instead of a progress bar, you get a progress ring. They basically do the same thing, which is to give you the overall download progress.

The feature appears to be in the developmental phase, but we’re expecting the UI changes to be visible in Google Chrome Canary first in the coming few days. We’ll surely keep you posted as and when we come to know about it, so stay tuned.

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