Google caves in to pressure and agrees to make changes to Chrome browser

September 26, 2018

Google faced lots of criticism over the past few days because of the latest changes in its Chrome web browser.

First, with Google Chrome 69, logging into any Google service such as Gmail or YouTube will now also log you into the browser itself, which means a large number of items like browser history will automatically be uploaded to Google’s servers. Second, when you try and delete your cookies in Chrome 69 the browser will now delete all your cookies except your Google service ones. If you dig further into settings and try and delete your site data, you will discover that Google will recreate your Google cookies immediately, making sure they can always keep track of you.

Google today announced that they are making following changes in the upcoming Chrome update (version 70) to address the concerns raised by users around the world.

  • Google is adding a control that allows users to turn off linking web-based sign-in with browser-based sign-in—that way users have more control over their experience. For users that disable this feature, signing into a Google website will not sign them into Chrome.
  • Google is updating its UIs to better communicate a user’s sync state.
  • Google is also going to change the way it handles the clearing of auth cookies. In the current version of Chrome, Chrome keeps the Google auth cookies to allow you to stay signed in after cookies are cleared. Google will change this behavior that so all cookies are deleted and you will be signed out.

Source: Google

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