Except for Office apps, Google apps are way ahead of Microsoft’s equivalents, at least in terms of the user base. A large user base of Google apps also forces us to believe that they must be better than what Microsoft offers and while it might be true in some cases, it’s definitely not true if you compare Google Calendar with Microsoft Calendar, it’s actually the opposite.

Google Calendar is currently working on month view scrolling, a feature that Microsoft’s Calendar app already has. The feature does exactly what the name suggest, once the feature becomes available to the public, you’ll be able to scroll through months. This will things easier when you want to quickly take a glance at all your appointments in the next month.

This feature is also available on the Outlook calendar for Android, so if you have Outlook app have installed on your Android smartphone, you can check out the feature right now.

The month view scrolling in Google Calendar is currently under testing phase, meaning that you might have to wait a while before Google makes it available to everyone.

Source: JaneManchunWong