GoodAp Checklist: a unique checklist app with unlimited undo, item drag & collapsible item groups

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GoodAp Checklist is a unique Windows Phone app for managing checklists like to-do lists or shopping lists.

The functionality of this app was developed after deep analysis of checklist use cases. As a result, the app is highly optimized for most typical checklist tasks like adding a bunch of items or reordering them.

Main distinctive features of GoodAp Checklist are:

  • Checklist items can be organized into groups.
  • Individual or all groups can be collapsed/expanded.
  • Individual items or whole groups can be easily reordered by dragging like in the Microsoft App Folder app.
  • All checked items can be hidden, which is invaluable for checklists used more than 1 time.
  • The unique Undo function allows you to cancel an unlimited number of changes in a list.

The app interface was modelled after standard Windows Phone apps to be easy and intuitive. The color scheme is also inherited from the current color scheme set in the OS settings.GoodAp Checklist's Windows Store link as QR Code

If you use Windows Phone’s OneNote for categorized to-do lists or shopping lists, you should definitely try GoodAp Checklist as an alternative. It provides you with more handy tools – like ‘check all’ or ‘uncheck all’ commands, easy item reordering and hiding checked items. Moreover, this tool is really finger-friendly if you have fat fingers.

GoodAp Checklist in the Windows Store