Microsoft appears to be gaining on Amazon, according to the results of Goldman Sachs’s bi-annual survey of technology executives at large companies.

The survey, performed in December 2019,  of IT spending of 100 IT executives at Global 2000 companies found that Microsoft is the most popular public cloud vendor.

It found that currently, 56 executives are using Azure for cloud infrastructure, versus 48 using AWS. This us up from December 2017. More executives also expect to be using Microsoft in 3 years time, with 66 expecting to use Azure in 2022, vs 64 for Amazon’s AWS.

“Respondents expect today’s top vendors to continue to dominate the rankings in three years. Microsoft remains the clear leader, with 22% of the votes today and in three years respectively,” the analysts wrote.

Goldman Sachs found that already 23% of IT workloads are now on public clouds, up from 19% in June, but there is still plenty of space to grow, as IT managers expect this number to increase to 43% in three years.

It is notable that despite being the most popular with large companies, Microsoft still trails Amazon significantly in terms of overall revenue. In the third quarter, AWS generated $9 billion in revenue, while analysts believe Microsoft only captured $4.33 billion.