GOG Galaxy 2.0 update now lets you hide games


14, 2019

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GOG Galaxy 2.0, the desktop launcher from CD Projekt’s GOG that takes all your games and puts them all in once place, has received a fresh update that corrects a few bugs and introduces new features.

The launcher is capable of playing any installed game from services such as Steam, Windows Store, Battle.net, UPlay, Epic, and Origin. It also supports Steam and Xbox Live achievements and even some console titles.

Update 2.0.3 comes with a nice set of new features, including the ability to hide games in your Library. This is especially handy for gamers who have an exceptionally large library and don’t need to see every game they’ve ever played in one place.

The update also adds tutorials for Bookmarks and Friends Recommendations, and implements mechanics that allow for recording Last Played time for games without Game Time Tracking.

It’s also fixed alignments of items in the Settings window when using non-English language and fixed the Settings window size on small monitors.

The service is still in beta and is currently only accessible via invites. If you want to sign up, you can follow the link here.

You can read the full patch notes below, including the known issues (which GOG are working on fixing):

GOG GALAXY 2.0 known issues:

  • All Games view – some games may appear as “Unknown” in the games library
  • All Games view – some games and DLCs may appear as duplicates in the games library
  • All Games view – Grid view – scroll performance is subject to significant improvement in upcoming releases
  • Recent view – Certain games may not show up in the “Recently Played” section
  • The option to close another gaming client after exiting a game is not yet available
  • Game view – certain games lack “Friends playing” and “Friends activity” information
  • Installing or launching Xbox Play Anywhere games on Windows is not yet available
  • Syncing bookmarks between devices doesn’t work yet
  • “Games added” stats counter on the “Friends Leaderboards” view may not match the sidebar counter for “All Games”
  • Option to manually add games and linking it with .exe files is not yet available
  • Certain features from GOG GALAXY 1.2 are still missing (manual game update notification, list of current downloads, access to extras and backups)

Update 2.0.3

## Bookmarks:

  • Added tutorial how Bookmarks work
  • Added context menu for bookmarks in Sidebar with an option to reorder bookmarks

## Friends:

  • Added tutorial screen for Friends Recommendations
  • Fixed issue with Friends Recommendations not displaying original platform name
  • When scrolling through Activity of your friends, it will load correctly

## Library:

  • Added ability to hide games in Library
  • Added platform icon to tooltips for Library (grid view)
  • Added mechanics allowing to record Last Played time for games without Game Time Tracking
  • Fixed not updating Steam games’ activity when they have at least 20h of game time
  • Release of the games which were on preorder before, will be noticed by GOG GALAXY 2.0 immediately
  • Context menu will no longer stay open after leaving Library
  • Tags will no longer stay in context menu for games after last game using this tag has been removed
  • Fixed falsely displaying “Not Compatible” over Install button for some platforms

## Recent view:

  • Added platform icons to recently played by me game tiles
  • Fixed issues with “Loading…” snackbar staying longer than it should

## Settings window:

  • Fixed alignments of items in Settings window when using non-English language
  • Fixed Settings window size on small monitors

## Statistics:

  • Fix for mismatch between count of games in Sidebar and in Statistics
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