Gmail’s Smart Compose is coming to Google Docs



Google is bringing the Smart Compose feature that it introduced in the new Gmail over to Google Docs this month. The announcement was made over on the GSuite blog.

As per Google:

Smart Compose helps you compose high-quality content in Google Docs faster and more easily. It saves you time by cutting back on repetitive writing, helps reduce the chance of spelling and grammatical errors, and can suggest relevant contextual phrases.

It works the same way as it would with Gmail. When typing, Googe will smartly suggest a phrase or word just ahead of your cursor. Pressing tab accepts the suggestion, continuing to type effectively ignores it or leads it to suggest alternate phrases based on where it thinks you’re going to end up. Google’s Smart Compose is useful for short, quick replies that don’t require much context. It’ll likely not be of much use to users who overly stylise their work or use specialised terms as I’ve found with both Smart Compose for email and its sibling Smart Reply for messages. Nevertheless, the Beta is available on the web right now.

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