Gizmondo gaming handheld to run Windows Mobile?



The Gizmondo Gaming device that was slated to be released in 2008 has been pushed to 2009 and in a sign of the times, has been changed to be a gaming-centric Smartphone that can run either Windows Mobile or Andriod.

Due to the Economic downturn we are all facing, the Chinese Company that was making the Gizmondo “Dragging it’s feet”, and the costs, Carl Freer (who is in charge of getting this out) has decided to change the device up. It seems as if they are going for a N-Gage for Windows Mobile or Andriod device, not the most successful model to emulate.

The ability however to run either Andriod or Windows Mobile is a plus along with the chipsets (the OMAP3 from Texas Instruments) being rumoured. The one thing that does have very exciting potential is the online “App Store” service that combines Xbox Live with the Apple App Store. The open access to the store, which will allow any developer to post up games and see if they are not only good but also sell is very cool and and should allow a more casual way to consume content, much like the iPhone app store at the moment. Being able to do this not only on Android but on Windows Mobile as well will be the key to public acceptance. 

Of course doubts remain regarding the viability of not only this device idea but the actual company itself. It seems Gizmondo is struggling to even exist before it’s even released. 2009 may however be the year of the gaming phone, not only because Apple is branding the iPhone that way, but also due to the release of Windows Mobile devices powered by powerful graphics processors like the above mentioned OMAP3 or Nividia’s Tegra processor. The importance of an end-to-end solution can not however be under-estimated, and this may very well be where Gizmondo finds its niche.

Read the full interview with Gizmondo’s CEo Carl Freer here.

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