Ghost Recon: Breakpoint should be well past its advertised Terminator: Dark Fate tie-in event by now, but due to numerous setbacks the advertised event is actually starting this Thursday instead.

While Terminator: Dark Fate launched way back in October 2019, Ghost Recon will be bringing the time-travelling robots into the current year instead.

Similar in essence to Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ Predator event, which saw your four-person team hunted by the disgusting Yautja, Breakpoint’s event will see players’ taking on the iconic Skynet machines.

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Still, not much information has been revealed about this event. With Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Breakpoint team still hard at work to overhaul the game after an incredibly disappointing launch, it’s a surprise to see this event releasing at all.

After all, we were not particularly kind to the open-world third-person shooter title when we reviewed it last year. At launch, we found Breakpoint to be a grossly exploitatory experience that parodies would find laughable.

“There is no saving Ghost Recon Breakpoint,” we wrote in our October 4th review. “It’s a disgustingly predatory experience wrapped around an expansive world with the soul of a corporate PowerPoint. It’s got all the features modern open-world games have, but with none of the heart. If Ubisoft were aiming to make the dullest experience possible, well done, they’ve achieved their goal with flying colours.”