GetThemAll Moves Downloaded Files from Windows Phone to Any PC

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FVD Media today introduced a major update to the GetThemAll app that now allows users to move downloaded content from Windows Phone to any Windows PC.

GetThemAll is a Windows Phone download manager that allows you to grab video, audio, images and other content from any webpage and download to your Windows Phone. The application has been recently updated to version 2.0.1 and has added Skydrive support that allows you to upload downloaded files to the cloud and have them synced down to whatever device or computer you have attached to Skydrive. For example, on Windows Phone 8 if you download a video, the application can sync that file to Skydrive. If you have Skydrive installed on your PC and tied to the same account, that video will show up in the Skydrive folder on your computer.

GetThemAll also gives you the ability to move downloaded files to any computer via WiFi or Microsoft Zune. For this you need to download a client called GetThemAll Receiver from , install it onto the computer, and then enter your IP and passcode in the app options to connect the phone.

The GetThemAll App is available for free from the Windows Phone Store. Supported operating systems are Windows Phone 7.5 and Windows Phone 8.

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