“GetOut! EDDY” is new way of playing puzzle with physics

by kremo
November 8, 2014

Do you like teddy bears? Do you like physics? Do you like a casual game with no restrictions?

GetOuT! EDDY is the solution for you.

GetOuT! EDDY is available for Windows Phone 8 or 8.1.
It has a unique game play, where you need to control this lovely teddy bear called EDDY. With only a single touch make him jump to avoid obstacles and set back-s to get him out of the house. Race against time and collect stars. Worried about failing a level? No issue, in this game all levels are unlocked and lets you decide where to start and which level to play.

With no ads, and no IAP you can enjoy all the 72 pre-designed level the way you want. Is that not enough? Don`t worry! There are level generators included, to provide millions of additional unique levels and endless gameplay.

Watch out to GetOuT! There are closed doors, teleporters, fires, even gravity changers and a lot more to keep you busy and awake to try to reach the best time to get EDDY out.

Buy the game and that`s all. You get all what the game has to offer, without extra costs for in game items.

Buy GetOuT! EDDY for $1.99 on Windows Phone Store


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