GetGenie Review - Is It Worth Your Time?

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getgenie review

Looking for an honest GetGenie review? It’s one of the more popular AI assistants and SEO tools out there, but how good is it truly?

In this article, I’ll explain what GetGenie is, how it works, and its unique features. Keep reading to find out if it suits your needs.

What Is GetGenie?

GetGenie is an AI assistant specifically designed to streamline content creation and optimize it for search engines. Imagine having a helper who tackles various writing tasks and ensures your content ranks well online – that’s what it’s like in practice.

It can spark ideas, craft headlines, and even draft complete sections of your content. This can be valuable, especially when facing writer’s block.

Besides content generation, GetGenie helps you optimize your writing for search engines. It analyzes your work and suggests improvements to boost your ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). 


I tried the free GetGenie plan to learn how it works. I’ve been using CopyAI and Jarvis, so I naturally compared it to them. Here’s what I found out:

Blog Wizard

This was one of the most useful GetGenie features I tested. You provide a keyword, and the app generates a blog title, intro, and outline. This helps beat writer’s block and makes writing blogs with complicated keywords easy.

Unlike Jarvis, it integrates directly with the WordPress editor.

However, I found that some titles I generated sounded generic. For instance, I typed How to make pineapple juice in the keyword section. Below is what the platform created.

GetGenie Review: Blog wizard

While the titles are unimpressive, GetGenie’s Blog Wizard takes things further with its One-Click Blog Generation feature. 

After selecting your preferred options for title, introduction, and outline, the wizard leverages this information to create a complete draft blog post. This draft includes content for each heading within the proposed outline.

My experience with this feature was mixed. It handled some blog topics well, while others were lackluster.

Specifically, GetGenie can generate acceptable non-technical blogs. However, if you challenge it with a technical topic, it’ll mostly write fluff.

It also helps to give more context to your blog post instead of just typing in the keyword and letting the AI do the rest.

Overall, GetGenie’s long-form content generation abilities aren’t as good as Jasper’s or CopyAI’s. Regardless of your keyword, it’ll create dull and uninspired blog posts that you’ll have to edit extensively to improve readability.

blog wizard 2

Sentence Completion

This feature builds upon your writing, suggesting continuations. It uses AI to “guess” the following few words in your sentence, especially if it’s a simple statement.

However, I found its accuracy to be inconsistent. It was impressive sometimes and completely off at other times.

On-Page SEO

GetGenie incorporates on-page SEO tools within its AI writing assistant. Here’s how they work.

Keyword Analysis  

The app allows you to input a target keyword. It then analyzes search volume competition level and suggests related keywords. This helps tailor content to user queries.

Keyword Analysis

Content Scoring and Feedback  

As you write, GetGenie assigns a live SEO score. This score is based on factors like word count, headings, image usage, and internal linking. 

The tool then provides suggestions for improvement.

Content Scoring and Feedback  

Competitor Analysis 

GetGenie retrieves information on top-ranking competitors for your target keyword. This includes analyzing their content structure, headings, and word count. This allows you to see how your content compares and make strategic adjustments.

Competitor Analysis 

However, other services provide similar functionalities. Notably, SurferSEO offers a more granular approach to on-page SEO.

It analyzes factors like content readability, content length based on competitor content, and specific keyword density recommendations. 

However, it’s significantly more expensive than GetGenie.

AI Chatbot

Finally, if you can’t find the right approach for your content, you can chat with Genie Chat.

While it’s not as precise and accurate as other LLMs like ChatGPT and Gemini, it allows you to pick a chat personality from different professions. This dictates how it’ll answer your questions.

AI chatbot

However, it’s best equipped to answer short questions, not generate complete essays like GPT-4. For instance, you can explain your blog idea and ask it to find the most suitable keywords, which you can then use to generate your content.

The feature is handy if you want to do some quick research, but it doesn’t replace the accuracy and wealth of data you can get from Gemini or ChatGPT.

Ai Chatbot 2
AI chatbot 3

Keyword Research

GetGenie offers basic keyword suggestions. You can provide a primary keyword and get recommendations for secondary ones.

You can also analyze them and see how popular they are around the globe and in your country.

Like SurferSEO, GetGenie includes SEO scoring, but SurferSEO provides more technical insights.

If you want more detailed keyword information, you’ll have to get a dedicated SEO tool.

How To Use GetGenie

While using the free plan and exploring the interface, I noticed that GetGenie offers a web application and a WordPress plugin. We’ll focus on the web application for this guide:

GetGenie Review: Go to GetGenie’s site.
  • Click on Start for free.
Click on start for free.
  • Choose a plan or start for free.
Choose a plan or start for free.
  • Enter the required information.
Enter the required information.
  • Once your information is accepted, you can start writing or enter your keyword to analyze it. Start by clicking on New Document.
Start by clicking on new document.
  • Name your document.
Name your document.
  • Enter your keyword to analyze it.
Enter your keyword to analyze it.
  • To analyze your keyword effectively, ensure GetGenie is in SEO mode and choose your country.
To analyze your keyword effectively, ensure GetGenie is in SEO mode and choose your country.
  • Click on Analyze Keyword to get information about it.
Click on analyze keyword to get information about your keyword.
  • Scroll down to give more context to your keyword.
Scroll down to give more context to your keyword.
  • Click on Generate Title to get title ideas for your blog.
Click on generate title to get title ideas for your blog.
  • After picking a title, click on Intro, Outline, or Content to get more help with your blog.
After picking a title 2
  • Click on Outline, then Generate Outline.
Click on outline then generate outline
  • Select your favorite outline and check the boxes of the headings you want to keep.
Select your favorite outline
  • Click on Next to generate the content.
Click on next to generate the content.
  • Select One-click blog for the wizard to generate the blog automatically.
Select one-click blog for the blog wizard to generate the blog automatically.
  • Choose your desired length for the blog, then click on Generate.
Choose your desired length for the blog, then click on generate.
  • GetGenie will generate several blogs, so pick your favorite.
GetGenie will generate several blogs; pick your favorite.


Before wrapping up this GetGenie review, I must discuss its pricing. I tried its free plan, which offers a few basic features. It has a limited number of outputs per template.

However, there are also paid plans with varying features and word limits. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Free plan (2500 words/month): Limited access to core features.
  • Writer for $12 per month: 50,000 words/month, unlocks more templates and higher creativity levels for AI outputs.
  • Pro for $29 per month: 400,000 words/month, additional features like plagiarism checks and project management tools.
  • Agency unlimited plan for $54 per month: 1,000,000 words/month, priority customer support, and access to beta features.

GetGenie offers a 14-day free trial for the Starter plan. It also has a 10-day money-back guarantee on all paid options.

GetGenie Review: pricing

Try GetGenie here

GetGenie Review – Verdict

GetGenie is a good fit for WordPress users because the plugin offers a convenient way to create content within your website. It’s also great for content creators facing writer’s block. It can spark ideas and help get the writing process started.

However, you should consider alternatives if in-depth SEO analysis is crucial. Tools like SurferSEO offer more advanced features.

While it can be a starting point for content creation and SEO analysis, in-depth content strategy and advanced optimization often require additional tools and expertise. Hopefully, this GetGenie review will help reach an informed decision!

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