German retailer Saturn trying out mixed reality sales staff called Paula (video)

by Surur
May 21, 2017

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German retailer Saturn is experimenting with a mixed reality sales person called Paula. If you wear a Microsoft HoloLens in a few selected Saturn stores Paula will appear and guide you to a selection of products, including a Surface Pro 4, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Dyson Big Ball vacuum cleaner. Once there she can tell you the features of the products and otherwise assist in the sales process.

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The technology is of course at this stage more marketing that reality, but HoloLens fans are actually able to try it out for themselves.

Saturn is running a HoloTour at 20 of their stores where visitors can try out the device.

“With the HoloTour we are once again able to experience an innovative technology at Saturn,” explains Martin Wild, Chief Digital Officer of MediaMarktSaturn Retail Group . “We show our customers what fascinating opportunities the expanded reality can provide and give an insight into the shopping of the future, which will be even more personalised, while at the same time learning how our customers interact with the new technology.”

Read more about the HoloTour at Saturn here.

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