Georgia signs CJIS agreement with Microsoft cloud services


10, 2016


As part of the commitment to provide law enforcement agencies with cloud services they can trust, Microsoft recently signed the CJIS Security Addendum and contractually committed to the applicable CJIS Security Policy controls with Georgia.

As confirmed by James Brown, Chief Information Officer, Georgia Bureau of Investigation, “With the recent CJIS security control agreement with Microsoft, Georgia state law enforcement agencies and local entities can now deploy critical law enforcement applications in a secure, compliant government cloud and be compliant with the FBI CJIS Security Policy.”

Microsoft mentioned that totally 24 states have signed similar agreements with Microsoft.

This commitment, combined with the innovative solutions for camera technology, biometrics, jail/court/offender management, investigation and evidence solutions, etc. are empowering digital transformation in law enforcement.

Check out the Microsoft CJIS Implementation Guidelines document which provides guidelines and resources to assist criminal justice entities in implementing and utilizing Microsoft Government Cloud features.

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