Geocaching app for Windows Phone 7 now available


AT we have always been a fan of geo-caching,  combining the geekiness of smartphones with real outdoor exercise.

Groundspeak have now released an application for Windows phone 7 which brings this pastime to Microsoft’s new platform.  Groundspeak’s Windows Phone 7 Application queries the database in real-time and provides a list of geocaches near you.

The software is available in English and features:

  • Instant, direct access to’s database of worldwide geocaches
  • Search by current location, address or GC code
  • Filter your hides and finds from the search results
  • Access geocache details, including description, photo gallery, attributes, recent logs, hint and inventory
  • Full support for recording the movements of Trackables.
  • Log geocache finds and post notes in the field
  • Keep personal notes on each geocache to help you remember important information

Advanced navigation capabilities

  • View nearby caches on the embedded map
  • View cache size, terrain and difficulty rating on the map screen
  • Navigate to geocaches directly from the map screen or from a compass view
  • Switch between street and satellite maps
  • Receive turn-by-turn walking and driving directions to geocache location

Premium Member features

  • Download active Pocket Queries for use while outside of network coverage
  • Save detailed searches in frequently visited locations and access them with a touch
  • Eliminate geocaches that you and 4 of your closest geocaching partners have already found
  • Filter geocaches by terrain/difficulty rating

The app can be downloaded from Marketplace here.

Thanks Bandit for the tip.